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  • Radha - Bangalore

    I spent 2 days looking for where to procure an assembled rig of my choice. I came across a few and was not satisfied. I came across MvP gaming and within 2 hrs I was able to customize and finalize my rig. It's a great platform that saved a lot of my time and provided much needed options to build a machine specifically intended for Deep Learning - with some custom changes to Freeman G7. The price point was pretty good and was able to get an awesome config for an optimal price point. Overall the user experience was great right from selecting the config down to checking out the order. I will and have recommended your service to people looking for their own machines. One small suggestion is if possible please provide an option to choose other related accessories like an inverter so that buyers can get a complete package. Keep up the great work.

    Freeman G8
  • Vivek - Gurgaon

    My 14 year old wanted a gaming rig and I was clueless how to go about it. Local assembly shops are extremely unreliable while branded ones are super expensive - just not worth it. Then I found MVP and believe me - I could not have asked for more. These guys are extremely professional, highly knowledgeable about their subject, totally transparent, deliver what they say and responsive to your needs. I got my rig at roughly half the cost of branded HP machine of exactly same spec It was delivered ahead of time, robustly packaged, absolutely fantastic piece of equipment received in immaculate condition, plug and play. My son set it up himself without any issues. Anybody needing a rig - don't bother looking for any alternatives, you will be wasting your time, money and energy - just contact MvP

  • Hanoze - Mumbai

    Great Professional Job From the start MVP guys were prompt, and honest in their sugestions. They even gave me advice on what keyboard mouse combo to buy and what monitor to suit my budget. All the technical parts were explained and when my initial GPU was not readily availabe, they gave me the chioce to wait or go in for a technically superior alternative -- The price differance being All at there cost. Have been using my rig for two weeks and find no reason to Complain. All throught the build they kept me posted and delivered the product well packed. Would difinately sugest MVP for you customizable rig

  • Sagar - Bangalore

    It is almost have been more than a month and really I am enjoying my gaming eminently. Trust me guys you will not get such product at this price. Before placing the order I did a wide research on customized PC available in India but believe me guys there is no such companies like MvP Gaming is available outside not even close in the terms of pricing. The cost is so impressive along with the swift communication. Played some plenty of game like GTA V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Fifa 16, Fallout 4 and the experience was so pleasant and worked like a charm. If you are planning to place an order than please do not waste your time rather than ordering. I do recommend to go with MvP Gaming. I had an amazingly experience with MvP Gaming and it really amused me. Looking forward to buy other stuffs available out there in future.

  • Karthik - Bangalore

    Patience shown by MvP Support was fantastic because I talked to them and cleared all my questions and that took around 2 whole months and they never got fed up of answering them. In total I waited for 3 months(2 months discussing the rig and a month deciding whether to go for it or a local seller) and the seller(MvP) was very patient and didn't show even the slightest of disinterest. The attention to detail MvP provides as after sales service and the fact that they actually care if the customers are happy and satisfied with the product is amazing and very sincere of them. All in all, I have to say if you want to buy a gaming PC then choosing MvP IS A NO-BRAINER if in any case you have are still doubtful about going for it. Just close your eyes and place the order. These folks are very dependable and trustworthy. Keep up the good work, mates. Wish you the very best!

  • Salahuddin - Hyderabad

    Great value for money! I've been looking for something to buy for my brother and this was perfect.

    Aiden Pierce
  • Ashish M - Bangalore

    SUPERB!! From the beginning to the end i was completely satified. Started with a simple query and they ansewered every of my questions with excellent comunication. Once i decided and placed the order, they kept me informed the whole way through and kept me in the loop till it delivered. I rate 5 star quality service and 5 star product. I am using this BEAST PC now for apporximately 2 weeks, this beast is capable of accomplishing anything from gaming to video editing and the performance is unreal. I can personally attest that MvP Gaming is run by a group of passionate PC builders. Thanks to MVP Gaming for such a wonderfull rig definitely recommended.

  • Ashish - Pune

    Perfect CPU for high end strategy games We agreed on a configuration and these guys quickly started on the rig. Within a couple of days the rig was done and shipped. Not only did they make the rig and setup Windows but also they tested a list of games I wanted to play on the rig and sent me a detailed report on how the performance would be. Coming to my gaming experience and it has been a total delight and fun. Games from total war series are simply amazing and look very vibrant and lively. This rig completes my gaming experience and I must say that I am loving it!!!! Before I conclude my review, I would like to give a big shout to the team MVP for the prompt response ,delivery and post sales support. I really appreciate the time and the patience you guys have and the near 24 * 7 availability that makes you such an approachable bunch of gaming enthusiasts. Great job guys!!!

  • Arunav - Chandigarh

    Awesome machine The build is fantastic. You would not have to worry about the parts or how it would work. It just works like a charm. Believe me, at first I also had some doubts but they helped me out and I concluded over buying this rig. And now I can buy any product from them blindly. Its cool all about them, although we generally don't find such neat service

    Captain Price
  • Vignesh - Pune

    Pretty Powerful It's probably the best build you can find in this price range. It can run latest games at high quality with 60 fps. The packaging was great, and MVP support kept in contact till it was delivered, and after that as well. It was definitely a good buy.

    Azure Knight
  • Simon - Chennai

    I just came cross this site on Amazon and then found this rig,on second thought i ordered this rig since this is a new site and to my surprise these guz are amazing they informed me each and every step with pics, Pro: All latest games like GTA 5 ,COD A.WARAFE,N FS RIVALS,NFS MW 2013 WITH ULTRA/HIGH settings without any lag. Con: There is a big issue since there is no lag,no heating,no shutters nor glitches u will never get up from the cpu

    SN67 - Mean Machine
  • Aniket - Pune

    Budget, Quality and Performance! After a lot of research, I found the mvp gaming website and contacted these guys. These guys put lots of efforts to make sure that you receive the best product within a reasonable budget. The built is performing exceptional. I work on HP z620 with 24 cores xeon at office and I can easily say that there is not much of a difference in performance of this Rig. The best part was the communication as these guys answers every query and solutions for every budget. Fully satisfied with the built and looking forward for some more builds in future. You guys Awesome.

  • Rajiv - Ahmedabad

    AWESOME Product I was looking for a decent gaming rig and I found this here. I asked for the details and they were very responsive and helpful. I have to say this, at first I didn't know where to start but they have cleared my doubts and now i'm thrilled by this machine, its fantastic. You can play almost any games and the coming one in high settings. Here I throw my conclusion, go buy one ( more than one if you want), don't even bother about having doubts. MVP gaming, they are the beast of gaming machines, cheers to them.

    Captain Price
  • Surya - Hyderabad

    The best in buildings beasts There is so much confusion when it comes to building a gaming PC as the options are numerous. Just when searching for a good source that can help me build my kind of PC, I stumbled on to MVPGaming. What can I say?!!! , They are simply the bestest out there who we can trust, who can build a beast at the best price of market. The were continuously in touch with me and answering all the doubts I had without hesitation. All I can do is thank them from the bottom of my heart for building the beauty that I am enjoying today

    Crime Avalon
  • Vishnu - Ahmedabad

    Beyond Satisfied I had a great experience with my purchase. The people at MvP are very cooperative. I did not have much knowledge about custom PCs. But MvP staff helped me to choose what was best according to my purpose and also cleared many of my doubts . Even after the delivery, I was guided on any little concerns I had . I am now having a great time gaming with my custom setup and all credit goes to these guys. Thanks a lot . Double thumbs up!

  • Sai - Vishakapatnam

    It's a Beautiful BEAST!!! I am a first time MVP costumer. The guy handling my order not only made himself available as my PC was being built, but he was also ready and willing to provide assistance even after I got my order. I was super impressed by the costumer service at I would definitely be interested in making future purchases through this company. Calculating the price of everything that's inside this machine is a great bargain if you ask me. Everything came as mentioned and was packaged tight and securely, nothing was damaged, scratched or missing and everything was screwed down extra tight. I was able to add my other 2 SSD's and 2TB HD from my old machine to this with plenty of room, cable management is a huge plus on this as well as everything still looks clean and hidden. Windows 10 x64 installed already with literally no Bloatware. Everything is fast as is, I haven't overclocked the GPU yet as I don't really see a need to do so at this time.

  • Raghavan - Chennai

    This is epic !!! At first, I was very skeptical about ordering from here. But I was completely wrong. The MVP support keep giving me updates all the way till I got the shipment! :) And I have to say, this thing is A BEAST!! The Rossatron, no doubt, is as awesome as its name! Thanks a lot you peeps! :D

  • Varun - Shimla

    Highly Satisfied Just received the rig . It's so cool never expected this good rig at reasonable price that too in India . Customer support? Better then most of the major sites out there . Everyday Used to text them late nights and they replied in a friendly manner .They kept me updated about my rig everyday . It's a great thing that this site supports gaming in India there are very few sites and companies that does this. Anyway overall awesome service . Awesome customer support. Rig - 10/10 customer care -10/10 Delivery -10/10 . Overall - "Highly Satisfied". :)

    Hiken Ace
  • Mayank - Delhi

    This rig is awesome I got my rig 4 days ago and it's working absolutely great. I tried some of the games like Gta5,COD AW, WWE2K16 and they are running smoothly and fantastically at high settings.This rig is worth the buy and i'm glad that i purchased this rig. The MVP gaming site is totally awesome. The special thing about mvp is their great customer support.Their customer services are better than most of the companies.They'll reply to any of your question in a polite way.If you wanna buy a gaming rig and at a reasonable price then go for the mvp.

    Lightning Ace
  • Pradeep - Mumbai

    Highly Recommended If one does not have time to go to Lamington Road and hunt for the best deals on the parts of your choice, this should be the place to go to. Name the configuration and they will get it done and will also give their inputs on whether, a chosen part, is actually needed by you for the things you will be doing on your PC. If anyone has any doubts about, whether the PC will be shipped properly, well, don't need to sweat!! The packing is superb and the PC arrives in one piece! Need not worry and make purchase from this site.

    Azure Knight
  • Viswadruth - Kolkata

    Awesome rig great value. The Rig is amazing.It can play most games well I'm able to play rise of the tomb raider on very high with a consistent frame rate .just go for it .The rig was assembled amazingly fast and the delivery was quick it was well packed so you don't have to worry about any damage.The team at MVP is very talented and always kept me in the loop about what's going on and the Rigs status .even after the rig was delivered when a ran into a few problems they were able to troubleshoot (better than most customer services out there!) ,They were always available to contact no matter the time thus I suggest that if you want a gaming rig go for the best go for MVP the Rigs here are worth every rupee go for the rig mate.

  • Aditya - Mumbai

    The perfect 1080p gaming machine Got this custom built mainly for 1080p gaming at the highest resolutions while maintain atleast 60fps. So far, not disappointed. Mainly play fps titles like Overwatch, easily get around 130fps on High settings. The guys were really helpful in deciding what components to go with to meet my requirements. Assembly, packaging and delivery was done within a week. Satisfied customer!

  • Ramakanth - Hyderabad

    Awesome pricing and performance!! Honestly speaking these people are really excellent in customised PC Building and it's delivery in-time. I'm totally satisfied with their service. I congratulate them for future success... Dr Ramakanth Reddy Hyderabad.

    SN67 - Mean Machine
  • Vishal - Mumbai

    Hats Off!! Amazingly quick and detailed response for everything I've needed to know be it over email, chat or call. The team has been quick to send me updates on the choices of components and testing results of the machine once put together. The packing was excellent ensuring no damage to the items snugly enclosed in the bubble wrap. The shipping was speedy via dtdc. The system setup is clean with absolutely no bloatware and the internal setup displays excellent wire management and more than adequate airflow. Gaming experience is superb. All in all, I'd say keep up the brilliant work. Rock on.

  • Njanadeep - Orissa

    Looking for more stars to rate My first rig. I wanted it to be a decent performer without being over the top and since i am stuck in a remote location the possibility of arranging the stuff to make one was out of question. Plus I wasn't knowledgeable enough to get just the right parts for it. These guys have been extra helpful in guiding me, telling me what i would need and what i wouldn't. I had a lot of queries and they were always prompt with their reply. Customer service is just fantastic. Nothing like I've ever seen with anyone. My rig came with a 120gb ssd with the OS installed in it and man its fast. I use the rig for gaming and some recording. And when I started using the rig, I realized this isn't just a decent performer, this is a killer. Cant thank you guys enough for guiding me in every step and for delivering this mean machine. I wish you all the best, though you won't need luck with your kind of professionalism and customer support.

    Captain Price
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