themvp.in provides free lifetime support. So even if your warranty has expired you may call or email our support staff for assistance.

Short Answer: NO! We also specialize in high end workstations for virtually any use case from mechanical engineering in CAD to 3D rendering and motion graphics for feature films in Cinema 4D and After Effects. High performance systems for Machine Learning, AI and servers. Our machines also make excellent general purpose home and office computers because they’re built with high quality components and assembled and tested expertly by hand. Whether you’re shopping for a quad-Titan rendering rig, or a mid-range gaming desktop, our knowledgeable sales staff are familiar with all current games and most professional software suites and their requirements, so we can help you find the right machine for your needs.

Accepted payment methods include:

Credit / Debit Cards/ UPI
Net-banking & Bank Transfer
EMI facility is available when purchasing through credit cards

We are located in Hyderabad, Telengana. Yes we do have a physical store where you can come and discuss about your requirement.
24 hour support sounds amazing, but in reality it is sure to dissapoint. A highly qualified technician will not work at odd hours (read as 4 am) on telephone support. We believe that every interaction that you do have with our technical guys should be of higher quality with the aim to resolve your problem and not read off some mindless script.
No! We truly believe that PCs should be modular and easy to upgrade - we would howeer advise you to take everyday antistatic precautions and get in touch with us if you have doubts or questions.
The difference can be suprisingly high. Just relying on similar model numbers is not the ideal way to go about this. At themvp we only use components from brands which are reputable, we build our systems with extreme care and exceptional build quality. The work doesnt stop once we have put the parts together. Once assembled, each system goes through some excruciating testing. Pushing it beyond everyday gaming and apps - this ensures that when delivered, your PC will work without any issues.
If you are keen and have the knowledge, you should be able to build your PC yourself. A trained person could build his own car, but will it ever be as reliable as a factory build piece ? At times, you;d want something that is better than a home built PC. Many of our customers have built their own systems in the past, only to have gotten tired of the upkeep, conflicts, troubleshooting, lack of warranty and access to technical support. At themvp - PC building isnt our hobby, its our passion. We build some of the best custom builds in India, and are incredibly proud of that. A whole lot of stress testing goes into our components before they are available on our custom builder. We know that once you have your PC delivered - you will realise why we're better than our competition.
We ship to over 50+ cities in India, with regular shipments to Kashmir and even the odd one to Andaman Nicobar Islands!
Basically - we ship nationally.
Short answer - Depends ! Long Answer - Depending on complexity, your order can ship within two days or upto a maximum of 5-6 working days. Be in touch with your configuration specialist to get regular updates.