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There is only so far an off-the-shelf solution can go. Made to order and purpose built for your use case - this is what we excel at. You don't want an underpowered build leaving you with long wait times during crunch times.


We genuinely believe that PCs should be a pleasure to purchase and own. They should help you get your work done, and not be a pain to manage. We make it our mission to create the best PC for you to run your games and applications in a budget that suits you. Rigorous testing and an unmatched customer service are our foundational beliefs and have seen us serve customers across 50 Indian cities since 2014.

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Meet the people behind theMVP.in, and discover how high performance is not just about the parts, its about the love that goes into each build; Learn what goes into building your PC’s from sourcing, to building, to stress testing - and most of all – making sure that our customers are not just satisfied, they’re awestruck!

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