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  • Rishikesh - Bangalore

    Wow, just wow ! These people are the best pre- build gaming pc sellers in india, i was searching for a gaming and a streaming pc, and this is one of the best pc for my needs. They've personally assisted me about everything about the pc like:- GPU drivers and updates.If you are looking for a gaming pc for your precious buck, they are the best out there !

    SN67 - Mean Machine
  • Ashwin - Chennai

    Awesome Gaming Rig It's been a month now this rig performs flawless and guys if you are up to buy a gaming rig and you guys are confused where to buy or assemble, no doubt its "THE MVP " . The build was awesome and the rig got delivered promptly customer support was awesome and they keep on updating me where the rig was and when will it get delivered.Also cable management was good and yeah nothing to worry on fps xD witcher 3 was running at 60fps @ ultra settings, gta v also runs at high settings with no lag.So guys if you are constrained with a budget of 60k then don't even think of other pc, just go with one it's a beast

  • Mayuresh - Pune

    Good job, TEAM! Got it in given days The package of CPU was good and got it in good condition without any dent or scratch All hardware components are working properly and everything is brand new and genuine All queries were answered clearly and politely Perfect configuration for entry level gaming

    Freeman G8
  • Manivannan - Mumbai

    wesome Experience !!! I came across MVP gaming while I was searching for a custom desktop in Amazon. After I got into their company website ( from Amazon I was overwhelmed to know different models available for a custom desktop. I was feeling good but was still skeptical about ordering through a non-amazon website. I gathered my courage and gave it a try. I got a call from Shazaib the very next day and he completely took me into confidence. From then on he constantly kept me posted on the assembly of the desktop (with pictures), shipping, delivery and follow up after delivery. After I received well packed desktop, he also helped right through setting it up with the display that I had bought. It was the best customer care that I have even seen.

    GG - X
  • Siddharth - Chennai

    One Word - Awesome Love the way MVP gaming team handled support from the beginning. It started off with prompt reply of all emails. Once order was placed, they built and shipped the rig as promised. Quite an awesome one for the price. Loving every bit of it. The rig is a flawless beast. I would recommend MVP gaming to anyone reading this review and to my friends. Kudos folks, keep the rocking stuff of yours going!

    Lightning Ace
  • Divyanshu - Jhansi

    Great support and delivery A very satisfactory experience. MVP gaming is truly a great option for buying a custom build PC. The price is reasonable and their advice for selecting the components was really helpful. would wholeheartedly recommend MVP to any gamer.

    Action Jackson
  • Naif M - Mumbai

    MVP + JUGGERNAUT = LEGENDS After a lot of research on custom builds, and not having the enough time to build one myself. I came across the team of MVP GAMING and they introduced me to their own Masterpiece - Juggernaut. The effort of attention to detail of the smallest specifications required by a customer was always satisfactorily answered at all times & anytime.Here's finally a team who will go out of their way, extremely flexible and ALWAYS available. The specifications of the build work like a charm on any game with extremely high FPS, at maximum settings and is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT ! " Juggernaut " - Enough said

  • Jonathan - Mumbai

    Bang for buck ! After searching for months for PC parts and being extremely nervous about putting the parts together myself ( Being a complete novice when it comes to computers) I managed to stumble my What a fortunate turn of events it turned out to be because the team at mvp are really dedicated to ensuring you get the rig you need for your price. The prices themselves are extremely reasonable considering they set the whole thing up for you. The customer service most notably is among the most communicative and helpful i've seen from even big companies like amazon. In particular Shaz who helped me with any troubles i may have had post delivery and even during the whole process. If you want to get your moneys worth for a gaming rig that can run new titles at reasonable settings then this is the one for you and especially the team at who have a tendency to take care of you better than your parents sometimes haha. Cheers

    Freeman G8
  • Sam - Chennai

    No nonsense turnkey solution for custom builds. There was steady communication from MVP from the day of order and were very responsive to emails and calls. Rig was excellently packaged and shipped. There was no scope for damage during shipping. The rig came with clean install of Windows 10 and performed right from the push of the button. If you are on the fence about buying that new rig, take the leap and believe in MVP. Read more at :

  • Prashant - Bangalore

    An Awesome MID-Range Build I was looking to build my own PC, But somehow I was skeptical on how it will turn own. While searching for custom pc builders I landed on MVP Gaming site. I checked up for my requirements with them and they came up with an awesome config. The price they offered was not much higher than personal build(in which source and assemble ourself). I had the PC since two weeks now and it runs beautifully. It runs my multiple VM configs, my dev environments, Database setups effortlessly.

  • Sandeep - Bangalore

    Great Build Quality and Quality Components! MVP did a stellar job with my PC build. To give you a context, my last PC build was 8+ years ago and I was researching quite a bit on a good place where I could build a state of the art PC that would be future proofed at least for the next 3-5 years. We were engaged in a lot of discussions about build and components and what would be best for me. What I really liked about MVP was that they really care about us Gamers and used a very consultative approach to building the PC instead of pick the components and we build. I can game Doom at 50+fps in 4K, obliterates all other games in 1080p in 120-200+ fps and is extremely stable! With this new build, I am now hopeful of all the new upcoming techs - Widescreen gaming, VR, 4K gaming, etc. Superb job done by the guys at MVP. Highly recommend to anybody looking forward to setting up a Gaming PC. The prices were also extremely competitive.

  • Nirmal - Bangalore

    Great! I don't think there's anyone more responsible in building a rig than MvP. I had a long e-mail conversation with them posting all my queries and they replied each and everyone of them. They friendly through out the whole conversation. As for building and shipping, the cable management is top notch. Special thanks to Shaz from MvP who built my custom rig. The shipping was good, safely and tightly packed and no sign of damage. I have been using my PC now for a week now and it works like a charm. Thank you MvP.

    Freeman G8
  • Sandeep - Hyderabad

    My pc :) Mvp Gaming naam hi kaafi hai:) I got my rig today, supeerrr happy. These guys really know what they are doing. I always bugs them on whatsapp but Shaz Bhai always reply me sooo politely. They cleared my doubts and helped me to choose parts within my budget. Go for The MVP

    Lightning Ace
  • Jitendra - Bangalore

    A custom build was never this easy, or this great! I was looking for a custom PC build for quite sometime and what pushed me over the edge on the purchase decision was the new slew of graphics cards on the market. I hesitatingly reached out to MVP for the latest and greatest build specification - unsure of whether they would be able to source components so new in the market - but they didn't disappoint. They were responsive and easy to interact through the entire process - right from enquiry to post delivery support! They are a reliable, trustworthy, competent and very friendly partner. I wouldn't hesitate recommending their products and services to anyone. The build quality and rig performance have been spectacular! So if you are looking for your next souped up rig and are lazy or not knowledgeable enough about going about an assembly yourself - you have reached the right place!

  • Riaz - Hyderabad

    WORTH EVERY DIME YOU SPEND In going through buying a new product I research it to death and compare it to similar priced models by competitors I find on the internet. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to get an assembled one (in fear of fraudsters). However, I could not be more pleased, as I stumbled upon 'TheMVP', based in my own city. Extremely competent and resourceful people. PROS: (TheMVP) 1) Proactive builds (NOT 'You pick, We make') 2) Good cable management inside the system (helps in ventilation for compact cases) 3) Extremely 'Wallet Friendly' 4) Responsive pre build support & after sales service (no toll-free BS) 5) Reliable, Competent and Trustworthy.

  • Ankur - Ahmedabad

    Awesome PC!!! Awesome Service!!! Got this custom built :) Was really skeptical at first, but these guys really know how to put you at ease. They helped me help me pick the correct stuff at a great price and kept me updated throughout the whole process. I bugged these guys (Shaz) at 2 in the night and still got an answer which was to be honest, was shocking. And the PC.. loving it!!!! Thanks Guys, and keep up the good work. :)

  • Supriya - Bangalore

    Excellent! Plays graphics heavy games very smoothly and at the highest settings! Powerful performance at a very reasonable price. Don't think twice, these guys are the bomb! :D A big thank you to the MVP team; they were very helpful and communicative throughout, and are providing an indispensable service! Keep it up!

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